Poised for growth

Managing a fast growing business certainly has its challenges. It’s said that as they grow, organisations have certain tipping points – typically at around 10, 30 and 100 employees or so. Well I can vouch for those first two!

This past year has required significant maturing as an organisation. No longer are we just a bunch of great developers. We now have specialist teams, clear responsibilities and accountabilities, and improved processes… all designed to ensure successful projects; a happy team; continued great customer relationships; and to facilitate our anticipated future growth.

The acquisition of hybris by SAP has also seen the emergence of a wave of new market competitors. Whilst many of them have limited, or even zero hybris…

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wtf is oob?

Out of the box (OOTB or just OOB) is a small phrase with a big impact. It can help you decide why one software product is better than another (“We chose this application because it has more order management features out of the box.”); it lines the pockets of sales reps the world over (“Because we offer more features out of the box, you’ll be live in weeks, not months!“); and it causes quite a few headaches for software integrators like us (“How the hell can you charge me 5 days work for this feature? We saw this in the demo and were told it was out of the box!“)

OOB. So what’s it really mean? Is OOB…

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SAP & hybris – our perspective

In case you have been living under a rock, SAP announced it’s acquisition of hybris on 5 June. (Gartner review ; A good Forrester review ) Now that the dust has settled, I thought I’d offer up our perspective.

Make no mistake, this is a serious play. If the stories are true that SAP paid in the range of $1-1.5B, then this purchase could well go down as one of the highest prices paid for a software application vendor. When you consider hybris turned over somewhere around $150M last year, that’s a hefty multiple, even considering hybris is profitable and growing at around 40% per quarter. SAP was clearly very keen to lock…

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hybris partner of the year 2012

Well, it’s been 4 years in the making, but we’re delighted to have been recognised by hybris as the Asian regional partner of the year for 2012!!

We actually delivered hybris their first Australian customer, Jaycar, back in 2009. We then secured the Target web store project in 2010, but it wasn’t until the last 18 months or so that things really started to heat up, with companies such as Lorna Jane, Petstock and Landmark committing to hybris.

In 2012, hybris opened a local office under the leadership of Graham Jackson (ex Bazaar Voice), and things went up yet another gear. Our business doubled in size during 2012, and shows no sign of slowing down. We expect to be able…

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The irony of clickfrenzy

ClickFrenzy was, and will remain a great concept for Australian retailers. Yes, the organisers should have been better prepared to handle the traffic spike on their portal, but at the end of the day, the real losers were the retailers that website crashes.

Unfortunately, most retail executives won’t understand the magnitude of the lost opportunity. Publicly, they’re focusing on the increased sales they made when their sites WERE up (click frenzy a big success , We’re happy ), rather than focusing on the sales they DIDN’T make, or the customers that they may have lost when their sites were down.

Retailers that fail to address scalability issues on their websites are simply disrespecting their customers. They seem to…

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Why digital agencies dont get agile commerce

I got the same old story at a retailer in Melbourne today. They’re in a tough position because because they can’t scale their website operations to meet the demands of their customers. They’ve got problems with data synchronisation; they’re unable to get consistent promotions in their stores and online; and customer records are not flowing correctly between channels. Click and collect simply isn’t an option because there’s no order management or universal view of inventory. Sure, their website LOOKS great, but the foundations are terrible.

As I’ve stated before customer-centric systems are now critical components of enterprise architecture, just like ERPs such as SAP and Oracle were 10 years ago. To meet the ever changing…

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contiigo partners with Celum

contiigo has recently agreed to represent the world-class Celum digital asset management solutions to Australian businesses.

celum seemed a natural fit for us. Not only because it is integrated with hybris (we’re a hybris gold partner); or because we’ve already deployed it for one of our existing clients, Jaycar; but mainly because in order to provide compelling customer experiences, more and more companies need the ability to easily repurpose their content for a multitude of channels.

celum solutions enable you to optimise the value of all your digital assets. Celum makes it easier to download, sort, track, rename, group, archive, convert, edit and optimize digital media. Celum solutions are characterised by their ability to integrate into the desktop environment…

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Omnichannel – Invest like you mean it

Remember the millennium bug?  Planes were going to fall out of the sky.  Power companies were going to shut down.  The fear of what might happen to ageing computer systems spurred companies to spend up big on new ERP solutions and drove huge business for the likes of Oracle, SAP and the hardware companies.

Whilst these new ERP systems required massive investments by organisations in infrastructure & change management, it also enabled these companies to streamline their internal business processes and achieve massive supply chain efficiencies throughout the last decade.

Today, though we are in the age of the customer -  and the focus has turned from the supply chain to the demand chain, with the focus not just on bottom line costs, but…

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