Be easy to do business with
Bricks and mortar and 9 to 5 don't cut it anymore. In order to succeed in todays retail world, you need to be the EASIEST and the FASTEST to do business with. You need to be ready anytime, from anywhere, and in whatever way your customer wants to transact with you.
Multi-channel isn't omni-channel
Most retailers have multiple channels – a website, a facebook page, an email program. But these channels exist in silos, are a nightmare to integrate, and unfortunately consumers don’t see themselves as web customers, email customers, or facebook customers - they just see themselves as "customers". In order to connect with today's consumer, your channels need to work in harmony.
Engage the connected consumer
Today’s connected consumer is bombarded with advertising, is discerning and skeptical of brands. And your competitor is only a couple of clicks away at any moment. In order to acquire and engage consumers for the long term, you need strategies that enable you to do business with them whenever, wherever and however they want.
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